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Reduce plastics.
Reduce chemicals.

Reduce plastics. Reduce chemicals.

Top-notch cleaning for your home or workspace that surpasses traditional methods.
Premium products carefully selected to meet our sustainability standards.
Client manager dedicated to your unique needs and ongoing requirements.
Cleaning and housekeeping services from $40+GST per hour.
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The way we choose to clean is simply cleaner. For the health and wellbeing of people and planet.

Find out how our sustainable cleaning approach is the future…

We want a better world.

The future

We are all about reducing plastic and chemical usage in homes and small workspaces to protect our planet for future generations.

For people

Our chemical free, cloth based approach maximises healthier outcomes inside your home or workspace, and in the environment too.


Our sustainable cleaning approach surpasses traditional outcomes by achieving excellent results whilst reducing harm to you, our crew and the planet.

More than a cleaning service.

Why are we more than just a cleaning service?

Everything about our sustainable cleaning service (from our chemical free approach to our plastic reducing processes) positively impacts the future of New Zealand.

We are also a company that really cares about you. Our client manager is only a phone call away, making sure your needs are consistently met to a high standard.

Our crew are vetted and selected for their professionalism, skillfulness and dependability. They deliver more than just a beautiful clean space that you and your family can enjoy.

So choose a sustainable clean with us, because a clean space shouldn’t cost the earth.

No mess left behind.

Chemical cleaning is a thing of the past. Mechanical cleaning is our future.

This cloth based cleaning approach has been the norm in Scandinavia for several decades. The innovative, high-quality microfibre cloths that we choose to use (when dampened with nothing but water) have the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria off a surface when following the proper care and use methods*.

The densely textural nature of these cloths pick up bacteria off a surface and suffocate them. Can you believe it!? These incredible cloths do all of the hard work without the need for harmful chemical formulas.

The Sustainable Cleaning Co. is taking the lead in embracing this revolutionary approach within the New Zealand cleaning industry. Click here to read more about the products we use and their unique benefits.


See what our clients have to say.

“Our crew member is an absolute keeper – not only an excellent professional but simply delightful to have in our home. Thank you.”


“The house looks and feels lovely. Please can you thank the crew for all of their work, I couldn’t be happier. The windows have truly never looked so good in all their lives!”


“I just want to say again how wonderful your crew member is. She goes above and beyond, and it’s really appreciated!”


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