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Cleaning with integrity:
The roots of our
sustainability commitment.

Our philosophy is deeply influenced by the customary cultural practices of Te Ao Māori, which is a holistic worldview grounded in actionable principles that we choose to live and do business by. Read on to discover more about this way of life.

The right thing to do.
For people and planet.

What is Te Ao Māori?

A way of life.

Te Ao Māori encapsulates everything about the Māori worldview and way of being. New Zealand indigenous culture focuses on giving care, respect and responsibility to what are considered the foundations of a healthy, meaningful life; relationships, people and the natural world.

The Sustainable Cleaning Co. takes great influence from the Te Ao Māori philosophy of doing the right thing by interacting with people, communities and environments in a caring and reciprocal manner. This moral belief system is enacted and passed down through the generations with the help of important guiding principles called Tikanga.

What are tikanga?

The path to goodness.

Tikanga are the guiding principles that light the pathway towards our highest good, as well as the grounding force for the Te Ao Māori belief system of caring for people and planet. Tikanga show us how our values can become actions to physically and spiritually benefit the wider community.

The Sustainable Cleaning Co. resonates deeply with this value system which is why we strive to extend Tikanga throughout all aspects of our service by embracing these time-honored traditions and caring for the health of people and planet through sustainable, ethical practices.

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Making mokopuna decisions.

“Mokopuna decisions” are all about thinking ahead and caring for our future generations. In Te Reo Māori, “mokopuna” means grandchildren, and making “mokopuna decisions” means that we consider how our choices today will impact our children, grandchildren, and beyond. It’s about making sure that the environment, community, and society are happy, healthy and harmonious for those who come after us.

By embracing this philosophy, The Sustainable Cleaning Co. is committed to circular action and doing right by generations to come. It’s our way of contributing to this future-focused ethos and creating a positive, lasting impact on the world.

tikanga values

This Tikanga represents guardianship and stewardship. It emphasises the responsibility of individuals and communities to protect, preserve, and sustainably manage the environment and natural resources. Kaitiakitanga encompasses a holistic approach to caring for the land, water, and all living beings, reflecting a deep respect for the interconnectedness of ecosystems while recognising the long-term impact of human actions on the environment. Through Kaitiakitanga, we are urged to act as guardians who ensure the well-being of the planet for future generations.

Caring for the environment.

Whanaungatanga encompasses the idea of belonging, interdependence, and a sense of community. It underscores the significance of fostering and maintaining strong bonds with family, extended relatives, and the broader community. The focus of whanaungatanga goes beyond biological relationships to acknowledge the interconnectedness of individuals through shared experiences, values, and a sense of common identity. In essence, whanaungatanga promotes the idea that relationships and connections are fundamental to well-being and play a crucial role in shaping one’s sense of self and belonging.

Caring for the people around us.

Kotahitanga emphasises unity, solidarity and collective effort. It encapsulates the idea of coming together as one, fostering a sense of oneness and shared purpose within a community or society. Kotahitanga encourages collaboration and cooperation, highlighting the strength that emerges when individuals work together towards common goals. This concept is deeply rooted in Māori cultural values and plays a significant role in promoting social cohesion, harmony and the well-being of the community. In essence, kotahitanga underscores the power of unity and working collectively to achieve positive outcomes for the benefit of all involved.

Working together for the common good.

The Māori myth of Papatuānuku.

Nicole Johnson 2019
Mixed media on watercolour paper
Mother Earth.
The foundation of life.

Papatūānuku is a central figure in Māori cosmology and mythology, representing the Earth Mother. She is considered the personification of the land, providing sustenance and life to all living beings. Papatūānuku is closely associated with Ranginui, the Sky Father, in the creation narrative of the world from a Māori perspective.

Papatūānuku is the sustainer of life, providing the necessary resources for survival and prosperity on Earth. Her existence emphasises the interconnectedness of all living things and the reciprocal relationship between people and the environment. She is a spiritual and cultural symbol, reflecting the deep connection Māori people have with the land and their ancestral heritage.

Respecting and caring for Papatūānuku through sustainable action is a fundamental way of acknowledging the greater force that interconnects people and their environment. At The Sustainable Cleaning Co., we have reverence for Papatūānuku, and all that she represents. Sustainability seeks to support the cycle of people healing nature healing people and this can be achieved by many of us making small changes that together have a significant positive impact. That small change could be investing in a sustainable cleaning service such as ours.

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