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Making a world of difference,
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Meet our fabulous founder Victoria and learn about her mission to create a sustainable cleaning community where people and planet can thrive in harmony.

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Victoria Potter

Director & Founder

Genuine care,
real action.

Being an environmentally-conscious single parent of three children with a new and supportive partner, as well as a dog-owner and successful business woman, Victoria understands what it is like to be busy! This demanding lifestyle gives her a deeper insight into the varying needs of our client base.

Her corporate background coupled with an innate ability to work alongside people from all walks of life makes her the ideal link between client and crew. Victoria’s warm, professional manner along with her impressive organisational skills ensures top-notch results are consistently achieved in this groundbreaking service.

Victoria is an admired change-maker, visionary, entrepreneur and mum, who stays true to her social-good values while being a tireless advocate for New Zealand’s sustainable future.

Read below in Victoria’s own words the pivotal moment that inspired the creation of The Sustainable Cleaning Co.

Founder's words.

Founder's words.

I had an epiphany to start this business when my son Louie showed me a paper mache sea turtle that he had made at school. The sea turtle shell had been constructed as a flip lid and Louie had placed non-degradable items such as straws, plastic lids and lolly wrappers on the inside of it.

He said to me with an earnest face, “Our generation has to live alongside this rubbish for years to come. It’s not cool mum.” I nodded my head in agreement – he was so right.

New Zealanders are increasingly focused on the state of our oceans, rivers and land. But there is so much more that we can do to improve the environmental health of our country and ourselves, by focusing on our immediate environments such as our homes and workspaces.

Sustainability is the future of cleaning, and business in general, and together we can do so much more to positively impact our precious planet.

“I identified a gap in the cleaning industry for a business that could provide a top-notch service that does not use chemicals and has a minimal plastic waste footprint.

I had recently discovered a range of world-leading, sustainable cleaning products and realised that I could fill this gap in the market by including these innovations within my business model.

The Sustainable Cleaning Co. was born.”

– Hellen Keller


– Hellen Keller

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