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No mess left behind.

Choosing to live sustainably means making better choices that future generations won’t have to clean up – which is why we proudly supply our cleaners with the best in sustainable products and formulas.

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A newer better way to clean.

Our mission is to provide your space with top-end cleaning outcomes without harming the planet. That’s why we are highly selective about the products we choose to use, handpicking the best products that rock at cleaning and leave minimal environmental impact.

We then put each of the selected products through the wringer, testing each one to make sure they’re up to our high quality standards, because we want our crew to have the best tools in the custom cleaning kits that we create and supply them with. You can trust them to leave your space in a beautiful state that speaks volumes about our care and commitment.

From battling mold in silicone, to toilet bowl maintenance, we’ve got your back. We can take on fluoride buildup in showers and kitchen grease with ease. And we’re doing all this while protecting your family, pets, plants, our reliable crew and, of course, our beautiful planet from plastic and chemical waste.

Our method makes the difference.
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Our selected products

sustainable technology.

Norwex stands as a global leader in innovate microfibre cleaning solutions.

We use premium Norwex products because they perform better than anything else we have tested. Some of their reusable, antibacterial cloths are made from recycled plastic, and ultimately clean combusted into renewable energy at the end of their life span.

Norwex products help us to achieve the sustainable, high-end cleaning outcomes that we strive to achieve for people and planet.

We choose to use…

…this hero cloth.

The perfect all-purpose cloth.

Clean more safely, quickly and thoroughly using the superabsorbent Norwex EnviroCloth™. You’ll save time, money and the environment using only water – reducing landfill waste and chemicals in waterways and protecting your family’s health as you cut down on dust and reduce chemicals in your home.

…this polishing cloth.

For perfectly shiny, streak free surfaces.

The hardworking Norwex window cloth gets windows, mirrors, glass, crystal, granite, metal, steel, chrome and other shiny surfaces sparkling clean and streak free with only water. No harmful chemicals are left behind to smear or distort light meaning less waste and residue in your home or in landfills.

…this dusting wand.

Dust those hard-to-reach spots with ease.

The flexible, bendable EnviroWand™ with a two-sided sleeve adapts to solve a wide variety of cleaning challenges. It attaches easily to the Norwex Telescopic Mop Handle to reach high surfaces and those awkward, out-of-the-way areas. This product helps to leave those tight spots and difficult angles in your home dust and chemical free.

…this dusting mitt.

A wearable way to remove dust.

The Norwex dusting mitt can be used wet or dry and is ideal for quick, chemical free dusting including blinds, screens and other hard to clean areas. The unique weave of the cloth creates a static electricity that picks up fine dust and particles and prevents it from resettling – so you can ditch harmful aerosols and breathe easier.

…this mini brush.

Double-ended for cleaning tight spots perfectly.

Smaller spaces can be difficult to clean well, such as tight corners and grooves – especially if gunk, grime, crumbs and dust are present. The Norwex Utility Brush is just right for a variety of these small but challenging jobs. Dense, stiff bristles quickly remove stuck-on goo and buildup with water alone. Using this brush on porous, unsealed grout ensures minimal water and chemical absorption, for optimum health and cleanliness.

…these scrubbing cloths.

Scrub tough messes and wipe them away.

Dried-on and stuck-in grunge and grime can be stubborn and hard to remove from benches, bakeware and a variety of surfaces. The Norwex EnviroScrubs™ help to effortlessly remove dried food from kitchens as well as soap scum and grime from bathrooms – without having to rely on chemical cleaners which can harm your family and the environment.

…this up-
holstery brush.

A fantastic tool for all around the home.

The vacuum cleaner is too cumbersome for some jobs. Sometimes something smaller is needed to remove stuck-on dirt, pet hair, dust, and debris from carpet, rugs, furniture, car upholstery and more. The Norwex Rubber Brush is great for small, spot-cleaning jobs by removing stubborn dried messes from fabric surfaces while saving electricity from the vacuum cleaner.

…this multi-purpose mop.

Healthier cleaning for floors and much more.

The Norwex Telescopic Mop Handle combines with Norwex Mop Pads to sustainably clean floors, walls, ceilings and more. Floors can harbor pollution, pesticides, chemicals, bacteria, dirt and debris from outside. Don’t coat your floors with more chemicals – this multi-use mop harnesses the power of static electricity and water to get them completely clean.

…this bottle

An effective, hygienic cleaning brush.

The Norwex Bottle Brush with EnviroSleeve™ is made with flexible and sturdy TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber), instead of a typical nylon material, which won’t harbour unwanted germs and bacteria. The brush also doesn’t need to be replaced as often as standard nylon brush, making it the more environmentally friendly option.

…this cleaning paste.

An effective cleanser that’s gentle on the earth.

Sometimes you need a bit of “elbow-grease-in-a-jar” to take on more heavily soiled cleaning jobs. Using a few dabs of the Norwex Cleaning Paste with a dash of water can easily lift a huge variety of stains while cleaning, polishing and protecting all kinds of surfaces. Safe for food grade items/surfaces and works wonders as a grout paste for tiled areas.

…this laundry bag.

The superhero of reusable bags.

Better for the environment, the Norwex reusable tote bag features a BacLock lining to fight mould, odor and bacteria. Ditch single-use paper and plastic bags for a strong, handy, hygienic alternative.

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*The above information is taken from the official Norwex websites and may not be entirely accurate or up to date. For the latest information on Norwex and Norwex products, please visit their website.

Eco-friendly since 1975.

Since the mid 70s, Simple Green has been dedicated to producing high-quality cleaning solutions with human safety and environmental consevation at the forefront.

Founder Bruce FaBrizio went to work formulating the first ever Simple Green cleaning solution after witnessing a devastating chemical pollution event.

Similar to our own founder, a motivation to protect people and the planet is what drives the Simple Green ethos – which is exactly why we choose to supply our awesome crew with top-of-the-line, sustainable cleaning products from Simple Green.

We choose to use…

…this shower cleaner.

A green formula for clean bathrooms.

Simple Green Bathroom Cleaner is specially formulated to effectively remove lime scale, soap scum and water mineral deposits. This formula is non-abrasive, bleach-free and ammonia-free. It deodorises as it cleans with a refreshing wintergreen scent.

*The above information is taken from the official Simple Green websites and may not be entirely accurate or up to date. For the latest information on Simple Green and Simple Green products, please visit their website.

Cleaning tech pioneers.

Diversey – A Solenis Company is dedicated to protecting what is precious by going beyond clean through their sustainability approach, while supplying hygiene solutions to 100+ countries around the world.

Diversey utilises a Care, Protect, Sustain approach with multiple strategies to care for people in a sustainable way, such as their Responsible Chemical Policy and Sustainability Scorecard, which ensures their product innovations are constantly improving.

Diversey’s values and practices are in alignment with The Sustainable Cleaning Co, such as environmental stewardship, responsibility and care towards people and planet and simply doing the right thing while delivering outstanding service.

We choose to use…

…this floor cleaner.

An aide for larger hard-floor surfaces.

…this toilet gel.

An effective gel formula that gets right under the rim and coats the bowl.
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*The above information is taken from the official Diversy and Solenis websites and may not be entirely accurate or up to date. For the latest information on Diversey and Solenis products, please visit their website.

Clean and green in NZ.

Proudly made 100% in New Zealand from harvest to home, Born in NZ provide quality, organic cleaning solutions with minimal environmental impact.

Utilising the knowledge and experience of an in-house chemist, Born in NZ crafts their highly effective formulas from organically grown ingredients that quickly and easily get the job done without leaving a chemical footprint in your home or in the environment.

Because of their approach to environmental care through developing effective, biodegradable, non-caustic and organic cleaning solutions, we choose to use Born in NZ products in all of our customised cleaning kits at The Sustainable Cleaning Co.

We choose to use…

…this silicone grout cleaner.

Effective and biodegradable mould remover.

Mould can be difficult and time-consuming to remove. The Born Advanced Mould Removal formula quickly takes away stubborn mould with minimal effort as well as minimal environmental impact due to the biodegradable formula.

*The above information is taken from the official Born in NZ website and may not be entirely accurate or up to date. For the latest information on Born in NZ and Born in NZ products, please visit their website.

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